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Radical technology collective and solidarity network

The internet is not a product you buy, it is a network you join

The internet is on your roof. Corporations dominate our access to the internet in The Netherlands. Mass surveillance is legalised here under the sleepwet. Not a lot of people understand how the internet works. It’s a big part of our lives but we don’t have much say about how it is organised and governed. The idea is floating around in Rotterdam: can we run our own internet service provider? Do we really need the Ziggos & the KPNs to connect to the internet?

Take back technology: self-organised social media with Mastodon

Fed Up! poster developed by Lídia Pereira, Artemis Gryllaki and Bohye Woo. We’re delighted to announce that we’re holding a workshop & discussion at 2.Dh5 this year. 2.Dh5 is a 2 day gathering for “workshops, discussions & talks towards a society based on freedom and solidarity”. Here’s some more context from their site: The 2.Dh5 festival is an annual festival for the exchange of radical ideas, strategies and practices by grassroots campaigns, collective projects and direct action campaigns in the Netherlands and beyond.