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Radical technology collective and solidarity network


Solisoft is a radical technology collective & solidarity network.

We call it a collective because we’re a small group who make decisions & self-organises work together. It’s radical because we don’t believe technology can “solve” every problem. Very few things actually need an “app”. We think more people should have a say in what technology can mean for society.

We’re building critical connections, not critical mass. We stay in touch with our friends & comrades by building a solidarity network, a friend-to-friend web of connections which fosters mutual aid & inclusivity. You shouldn’t assume we’re “IT professionals” or have computer science degrees; we’re interested in technology for different reasons & come from different backgrounds.

We make decisions by consensus, prioritise fair working conditions and use free software and open licenses. We support individuals, groups & businesses to use technology in ways that suit them. We can help you setup a website, run your own social-media or deploy your own real-time chat system. We run workshops & discussions on technology which provide a non-hierarchical learning environment.

We’re happy to work with local activist groups who cannot rely on corporate tools. We will do our best to prioritise requests from activists doing social justice work (e.g. housing struggle, anti-racist movement).